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John C. Thomas      Piano Tuner - Technician

Piano Service for Central Ohio and Southeastern Ohio

Very Reasonable Price Rates!

Thanks for visiting! If you are a Piano Owner, this website will be very helpful to you!

Contained within this website are helpful tips and concepts that will help you to preserve and understand your Piano. A little knowledge about the instrument will help to keep it in the best possible condition and maintain it's life for the longest period of time.

Also, you can learn a little about John's service to the greatest musical instrument of all, the Piano. John is focused on providing high-quality service on your Piano.

Committed to Excellence.

John provides services for your Piano for Central Ohio and the Southeastern quadrant of Ohio. "I am committed to excellence in my work toward the service of the Piano". (for more about my commitment to excellence, see the page labeled - Credentials)

Services for the Piano include:

Tuning (adjusting the tension of each string to lock into its specific frequency or pitch).

Action Regulating (the adjustments of the action mechanism [the moving parts your hands control to create sound] to achieve touch and playing standards).

Voicing (manipulating the hammers and strings - changing the tone or timbre of the piano to acquire tone standards, or certain preferrance of tone for the performer).

Action Touch Optimizing (work on the mechanism [the moving parts] your hands control to create the sound. Action Regulating, Changing the weight or resistance to your hands [through manipulation of friction, geometric improvements, custom balancing of levers], Improving the movement and response of the keys, improving uniformity of touch, adjustments to specific touch interests of the performer; all with existing parts or very few new parts as needed).

Action Rebuilding (same as touch optimizing, plus all or mostly new parts).
Piano Rebuilding (repairing all aspects of the piano with repairs, new parts, and/or adjustments of the entire instrument, the works!).

(for more about the services I offer, and how they relate to the Piano, see the page labeled - About the Piano)

Piano Service for Central Ohio and the Southeastern Ohio Quadrant.

To schedule a tuning, or work on your piano call:



Remember: Piano playing makes you smarter. Pictured is a student of music who went on to make his mark in the intellectual world of science, Theoretical Physics, to be more specific.

The audio is not included with the photo, but it went something like this;

"Let me see, E=MC ? , E=MC ? circle, NO! ....E=MC ?........ Hold on a minute. Let me play another song.................Ah yes, Now I have it! ...E=MCsquared. Music really does make you smarter!"

Hope this made you smile.

Thanks much!